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Tapas Das, a young entrepreneur of our times started TWIST N TURNS in 2005. A person who is kind, generous, creative and down to earth wanted to start his own one of a kind dance academy. According to him Dance is a language of movements that involves space, time and the human body. He was born and grew up in Kolkata, the cultural hub of India. Being appreciated in the field of dance all his life, he is extremely talented. He has been dancing since the age of four. Once he finished his high school, he learned jazz/modern and contemporary dance. His horizons were broaden even more when he started dancing Bollywood with Beat Busters for 4 years, which then was the most upcoming dance crew in Kolkata. After that exposure, he studied how to be a dance teacher, which later started helping him impart his knowledge about dance.
Thus, in 2005, with the help of family and friends he stared TWIST N TURNS. Starting with a mere number of 40 students, today TWIST N TURNS currently has over 500 students.
Over the time Tapas has taught and performed all over the country. He has performed in cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Jhansi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur etc. He has been an active participant in the Salsa India Congress in the cities of Bangalore and Bombay, and he has also visited various International Salsa Congresses in Europe, namely in Berlin ,Singapore, Hong Kong,Dubai. He is been also trained recently in Broadway Dance Center (New York), Alvin Alley (New York) and Steps on Broadway (New York). He is not only a dancer or teacher. He is a successful choreographer, and has coordinated various shows without difficulty in our country. His leadership skills are exceptional, thus he is where he stands today.
His aim in life would be to become a dance educator. He wants to share his tremendous knowledge in the right way to the right people. He is also, simultaneously running other brands like Zumba Kolkata, Bollywood Studio and India International Dance Institute.


I feel, there is no difference between being on the Dance floor and Flying high in the sky! Dancing gives me wings, it makes me desperate yet patient, passionate, Self-obsessed but humble. Since Childhood as I always believed in versatility, I tried different styles in dancing; whether it is Indian Classical or semi-classical, Indian Folk or Rabindrik, Bollywood or Fusion forms, I took Training in 'Uday Shankar Style' From My Guru Smt. Mamata Shankar.


Dance has been a great passion for me since childhood. Graduated from Rabindra Bharati University in Bharatanatyam, I was blessed with opportunities to perform and study under some renowned masters like Guru Khagendra Nath Barman & Smt. Ambali Pokraj. In addition to dance styles like Bollywood and free style, body fitness has also been a part of my life. I went forward and got certified as a licensed Zumba Instructor.
For me, Zumba is so much more than an exercise class. It is a place where I feel comfortable enough to express myself through dance and have fun. There is a sense of community in all my classes as we all dance our butts off!
It is 'Dance like nobody's watching'!


Dancing with your feet is one thing, but I dance with my heart. It's not only my passion, but also my way of life. It sets me free and I feel fully alive to each and every moment of my life while I am dancing.
I discovered the love for dancing at the age of 3, started my journey of dance with formal training in Bharatanatyam from Kalamandalam at the age of 6. Since then have tried different styles of dancing like Semi-classical, Folk, Rabindrik, Indian contemporary. Then I was introduced to this world famous fitness program - Zumba through friends and joined TWIST N TURNS as a student. I soon fell madly in love with ZUMBA. Inspired by Tapas Sir, I took Basic 1 training to became a Licensed ZUMBA instructor and now I take Zumba classes at TNT.
Though I am a software engineer by profession but my passion lies in dancing more than coding :). Dancing not only makes me feel beautiful but also empowers me to express and explore.

Chandana Mondal

I feel, in creating dance routines I can make a world where things are done morally and honestly. I started my carrier in classical dance in too early age as a part of Mamata Shankar's troupe. I have completed my diploma on Bharatanatyam as well as on Ravindra Nritya under "Sarbhabharatiya Kalakendra".
Later I got the chance to be an examiner under Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. I also started my own classical institute in 2011. Being a student of Fine arts, I truly feel dance is another art for me which gives peace to my soul and mind too. Thereafter I started my Bollywood and creative dance too along with the classical background. And finally, I got the chance to be certified Zumba instructor in 2017. Zumba has not only changed my life but also given me a perfect push to move forward for my own betterment. It has made me more active, charming and sparkling. Zumba has not only purified my personality but my mind too. It is now a daily routine for me and a perfect dose of meditation... I believe the truest expression of people is in their dance and music. The body never lies.

Ayaan Ali Khan

Ayaan Ali Khan is an official Zumba Instructor (ZIN), dancer and choreographer. Dancing has been his passion since childhood. He is trained in Hip hop and Bollywood dance. Professional dance training started in the year of 2001. Being a fitness freak, eventually he developed his love for Zumba and moved ahead to get his official license in 2015. He is associated with a number of popular fitness centres of Kolkata and has conducted fitness sessions in popular clubs and Corporate Houses in Kolkata. He has also choreographed few Tollywood celebrities for special events.
He teaches different forms of dance like hip hop, bollywood and contemporary and is a regular participant of popular fitness events. He has attended lots of workshops conducted by eminent dancers of India to improve versatility and is here to spread his love for Zumba!
Dance reduces stress & fills one’s heart with joy and happiness. Popular for his fun filled and extremely energetic classes, for him, dance is life. He strongly believes, everyone should dance to their own rhythm!


Ranu Singha, aka Bablu, is a young dance instructor who started his journey from a small village in Assam. He believes that words are not the only mode to express oneself. Sometimes, stabilized actions in rhythmic form, or ‘dance’ is what we need. Words have their limits and limitations, but not dance.
His desire to enter, explore and enrich the world of dance made him leave his home and venture out. He has undergone training in various dance forms like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Bollywood. Ranu trained at the Ganesh Acharya Institute in Bollywood, Mumbai Shaimak Davar’s Institute in Jazz & Contemporary in Shaimak’s style. He has worked tirelessly to reach milestone after milestone. In his explorqtions of the dance world, Ranu came upon Zumba Fitness, a fitness program that consists of exercise along with various dance choreography. He underwent Zumba training in 2014 from Sucheta Paul in Pune, India.
For Ranu, dance is not only his passion. It is his very soul.

Monika Sharma

There is a choice you make in everything you do, and in the end, the choice you make...makes you."
ZIN Monica believes in making choices makes the difference between the achiever and fence sitter. She is a professional Zumba Instructor for Zumba Fitness and Strong by Zumba, licensed by the ZIN. She will make you do a fun filled fitness routine, a full body workout with a mix of fast and slow upbeat music to make you face this challenging world with high fitness levels and a renewed confidence.